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The Team

Sam Hard

Well best to really make bullet points otherwise you’ll be bored with paragraphs of over explained nonsense

Age 9 Raced cars

Age 9 to 14 building and repairing cars everyday with my epic Dad at our house garage

Age 14 Swapped my mobile phone for a classic 1979 Mini 1000cc

Age 14 Bought x2 Yugo Sanas from my diner lady You can see where this is going!

Age 16 First car, present from his Dad straight six British Racing Green Daimler Sovereign

Age 15 to 19 Full Mercedes Benz approved diagnostic Technician

Age 20 Mercedes Aldershot

Age 21 to present Mechanic with style seller fantastic dreams Sam has from day one has loved American muscle, eating it sleeping it, and has pretty much drunk enough of old coolant and oil.

His first American car was a 1977 Cutlass, a brilliant car, fast, fun that didn’t stop

Derek Hard

Derek Hard…. oh Derek!!!

A dedicated Mopar fan owning crazy Chrysler Newports to Trans am’s, always keeping his options open for the next dream!

He brought Sam (the ugly one) into his crazy car world of cars by getting him to race classic Minis at the young age of 9.

Derek, being the complete nice guy, with an ever growing optimism, never considers any repair job to big or too complicated.

His dream was to travel as a young man and after getting married and having kids (including Sam the ‘Ugly One’), his dream turned to reality as did his car collection.

Derek is one of those awesome guys that has everything a REAL Motor Head should have plus one of those massive ‘do anything for anyone’ hearts.

When you combine all the years of experience this English Gent has and his electric knowledge of metal on wheels, one has to realise that this man is a MUST to know nut.

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